Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ben Davis University High School?

It is a small high school established as a partnership between the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township and Vincennes University to provide Wayne Township students the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree and a high school diploma.

Who can attend Ben Davis University High School?

BDUHS is open to all Wayne Township sophomores or approved out of district transfers who meet the admission requirements. There is an application and selection process.

What are the admission requirements?

  • Student is a resident of the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township or an approved out of district transfer.
  • Student is on track to be promoted to the next grade level.
    • Met the 8th grade proficiencies.
    • Earned a minimum of 11 credits in 9th grade.
  • Student has a grade point average of at least 2.2.
  • Student follows the academic and behavioral guidelines of the 21st Century Scholars program, whether they are a participant or not.
  • Student must complete the Vincennes University Accuplacer.

What are the guidelines of the 21st Century Scholarship?

The basic guidelines related to BDUHS are a commitment to graduate from a secondary school, not to use illegally controlled substances, not to commit a crime or infraction or delinquent act, and to be willing to apply for admission to an institution of higher learning. The 21st Century program requirement of applying for state and federal financial aid is not an admission requirement for Ben Davis University High. Complete details about the 21stCentury Scholars Program may be found at www.in.gov/saci/2345.htm.

How do I apply?

Application forms will be available from all secondary counselors. They are also available on the school’s website.

Do I have to make a separate application to Vincennes?

No, a single application to BDUHS is all that is necessary. Students will be given an Accuplacer Computerized Placement Test as a part of the Vincennes assessment for entry. Accuplacer results determine appropriate math and English course placement; these results do not deny entry into the program overall.

What programs of study are available at Ben Davis University High School?

Degree Program Options:

  • Associates of General Studies Degree – Liberal Arts
  • Associates of General Studies Degree – Business Management
  • Associates of General Studies Degree – Information Technology
  • Associates of General Studies Degree – Health Careers

What extra curricular programs are offered at Ben Davis University High School?

List of Clubs

Are there additional costs to attend Ben Davis University High School?

The fees for students enrolled in Ben Davis University High School are dependent upon their course selection. There are no additional tuition costs to the student for their enrollment in university courses for a resident of Wayne Township; however, there may be textbook and course fees. Approved out of district transfers will be responsible for tuition at a reduced rate, not to exceed $75.00 a credit hour.

Students who fail a VU course and repeat the course for college credit will be responsible for the per credit hour fee; ranging from $150.00-$225.00 per class. The student must pay the fee per credit hour.

In addition, there is a $400.00 cost for the one time on-campus experience Xmester at Vincennes University at the end of the junior year.

How will the curriculum at Ben Davis University High School be different from Ben Davis High School?

Both high schools offer programming required for a high school diploma, but BDUHS offers a unique curriculum tailored to the goal of students also earning an associate degree in one of four degree programs. While Ben Davis High will offer some dual credit courses, both schools will offer unique programs which are only available at that school. The curriculum at BDUHS will be more focused and specialized.

Can students apply to the program at a later time?

Eighth grade students may apply for admission to the University Academy at the Ninth Grade Center with the intention of completing grades 10-12 at Ben Davis University High School.

Ninth grade students, including those not enrolled on the University Academy, may apply to BDU for grades 10-12.

Is there a withdrawal process for students at BDU?

Students who choose to withdraw from the BDUHS program must enroll at Ben Davis High School after completing the current semester at BDU.

Any student requesting transfer in placement during a semester will be referred for enrollment into Ben Davis Extended Day (BDED) or Wayne Enrichment Center (WEC) for the remainder of the semester.

How difficult is the transition from Ben Davis Ninth Grade Center to Ben Davis University High School?

Students who are not members of the University Team at the NGC will be required to complete all college courses that are taken by University Team members. These courses will be taken during summer school and/or school year as available.

Do credits transfer between Ben Davis University High School and Ben Davis High School?

Yes, credits earned at BDUHS would transfer to BDHS or to any other Indiana high school.

Can students move from one degree program to another at Ben Davis University High School?

As at the college level, if there is a change in a program major it may delay the degree completion. Students should be able to graduate from high school on time but may not be able to complete associate degree requirements while in high school, if they change program areas.

Are BDUHS students required to take the End of Course Assessments (ECA)?

Students will be required to meet end-of-course assessment criteria as determined by the State of Indiana.

Who teaches the courses?

All teachers will meet secondary and/or post-secondary certification requirements. Wayne Township teachers who have been approved by Vincennes University to teach the dual credit college and high school courses. In the event a Wayne Township teacher is not qualified to teach a course for college credit, Vincennes University personnel will teach the course.

How can I get more information about Ben Davis University High School?

Contact the office of Principal Ms. Daugherty-Saunders at 988-7800 or by email, Counselor Ms. Stephanie Kachur, 988-7800 or by email, or Counselor Ms. Molly Cordes at 988-7800 or by email.