Apply to BDU

Apply to BDU

If you are interested in applying to Ben Davis University High School, our application is available online through the Wayne Township Early College Common Application. This link to apply can be found here!

The Early College Common Application opened December 18th, 2023 and includes both a STUDENT and PARENT portion. All applications for the 24-25 school year MUST be completed online by Monday, February 19, 2024.

Applications can be completed by any 8th grade student including out of district or students who reside in Wayne but do not currently attend a Wayne Township school.  Any non-Wayne applicants MUST email once their application is complete in order to receive the REQUIRED counselor and teacher recommendation forms to submit to their non-Wayne school.

Applications can only be completed by current 9th grade students if they are enrolled in Wayne Township for their freshman year. Out of district students cannot apply if they are currently a freshman attending an out of district school.  All out of district students MUST attend the Ninth Grade Center before coming over to BDU for grades 10-12.

Applications cannot be submitted by students who are in grades 10-12 unless they are an early college transfer student. If this applies to you, please email  or contact her at 317-988-7800 with your interest in transferring to BDU.

The Wayne Township Early College Common Application now includes both the Early College Career Center Program through Area 31 at BDHS and the AVID Program through BDHS in addition to Ben Davis University High School.

More information on early college programming in Wayne Township can be found at