Important Dates/District Calendar

Important Dates

Date Event
September 1 School Board Visits BDU
September 2 Purple Club Day
STEM Field Trip to Drag Race
September 5 Labor Day–No School
September 6 Ball State visits BDU during lunches (Cafeteria)
September 7 Lincoln Tech visits BDU during SRT (Media Center)
September 9 Gold Club Day
September 12 Purdue University visits BDU during SRT (Media Center)
September 14 NHS Meeting during SRT (Cafeteria)
Marian University visits BDU during SRT (Media Center)
Indy Westside College & Career Fair (BDHS)
September 15 Wabash College visits BDU during lunch (Cafeteria)
September 16 Purple Club Day
Why Apply & College Application Day (BDHS)
Interrupting Racism Your Training (3-5pm)
September 19 College GO! Week
Class Officers Meeting during SRT
September 21 NGC UN Academy Visits BDU
September 23 Gold Club Day
NHS Officers Meeting during SRT (2UC5)
ELED Field Observation Trip to Achieve K-6
September 26 Picture Retakes
September 28 BDU FAFSA Education (Advisory)
September 29 NHS Gleaner’s Field Trip
September 30 End of QT1 Grading Period
Purple Club Day
Butler visits BDU during SRT (Media Center)
Kickball & Bonfire 4:30-7pm

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