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Our Philosophy

The Student Service Department is committed to achieving the best possible arrangements for learning within the school system and to ensure that the school experience supports the development of the individual through the concept of lifelong learning The department takes account of changing circumstances, new initiatives and, in particular, the major drive is to raise standards and help students maximize learning opportunities, in order to obtain their High School Diploma and Associate Degree. Each student will have entitlement to high quality guidance appropriate to each stage of his/her learning while at Ben Davis University High School.

Our Staff Will Provide the Following:

  • Maximize learning by ensuring that students make the best progress possible, through the delivery of quality and consistent guidance as they move through their High School Career.
  • Support and nurture the learning environment for students by ensuring that they are supported in a safe, non-threatening environment where they have the confidence to learn effectively.
  • Address and identify issues related to family life and the community which impacts the student’s ability to fully engage with the learning process. Student Services will provide and be responsible for making contact with parents and partner agencies in order to ensure effective support strategies are in place.
  • Develop a culture of personal responsibility by ensuring that students have ever-increasing opportunities to take responsibility for their own personal development and learning, as well as develop skills necessary to do so. The framework for this aspect of guidance is the broadly based personal learning plan for each student which will include personal and curricular target setting, as well as the recording and celebration of achievement.
  • Help Students prepare for Post Secondary School Opportunities and Careers through Semester Audits and constant communication with teachers, staff and administration.

Our Staff

Stephanie Kachur
Director of Student Services and Counselor for Sophomores and  Juniors

Molly Cordes
Counselor for Seniors

Jacalyn Harker
Vincennes University Learning Coach

Debbie Guipe
Vincennes University Learning Coach

Jessica Jacobs
Ben Davis University High School Nurse/Wayne Township Lead Nurse

Paige Stratton
Counselor for Cummins Counseling Services

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