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Halloween Dance Success

BDU had a great turnout Friday, Nov. 3, at their…


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BDU Amazing Start to School Year!

BDU had an amazing start to the school year! Our…


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What's New at Ben Davis University?

Ben Davis University High School senior Morgan Moore is the first high school student in the state to be accepted into the U.S. Army ROTC Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP).
The SMP allows students to be part of both the National Guard and their college's ROTC program. Morgan is able to do this because of her early college experience at Ben Davis University High School.

Ben Davis University High School

    Is a small, focused high school program where students can earn a Core 40 high school diploma while also earning college credits toward an Associate Degree from Vincennes University through dual credit opportunities. The program will include internships with business partners, project based learning, and inquiry learning. The program design is sometimes referred to as an early college high school.

Significant Components of BDU

  • Small, personalized school environment promoting the inclusion and belonging of all students
  • Advisory program designed to promote strong student-teacher relationships as well as provide academic, social, and behavioral support for students as they are enrolled in rigorous courses
  • Dual credit courses for all students in one of four majors
  • Frequent, detailed communication with students and their parents
  • Teachers/instructors who meet Vincennes University’s faculty criteria
  • Free college tuition for students, provided by the school district at a reduced rate as negotiated with Vincennes University
  • Daily schedule which includes additional study and resource time for all students
  • Daily schedule which includes collaboration time for staff
  • Utilization of technology, 21st century skills, and project based learning
  • Student internships in grades 11 and 12
  • Peer tutoring and study tables available after school Monday through Thursday
  • Student application process which requires attainment of 11 or more credits in grade 9, minimum grade point average of 2.2, and demonstrated motivation and commitment; many students are also first generation college

Degree Program Options

We offer four majors: Business, Information Technology, Health Careers and Liberal Arts. Here is an in-depth look inside the majors offered, instructors, and student experiences!

  • Associates of General Studies Degree - Liberal Arts
  • Associates of General Studies Degree - Business Management
  • Associates of General Studies Degree - Information Technology
  • Associates of General Studies Degree - Health Careers