Clubs and Organizations

Club Description Sponsor Week
Academic Superbowl Do you like to compete? Want something to add to your college applications or resume? BE A TEAM PLAYER and join the Academic Super Bowl team, where you will compete in teams of 3 students in a maximum of two subject areas including: math, science, social studies, English, and fine arts (art and music). This year’s theme is “The Age of Exploration: 1400-1650.” See Mrs. Winston or Mr. Chandler for more information. This club meets every week (but it is only required that you come every other week so you may join other clubs). Starts after fall break!! B. Winston
African Student Association A place where we can come together and help make BDU a more equitable school, and a place where people of all backgrounds can openly discuss where they came from. Coleman
Amigurumi Club (Call out and Approval) Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, stuffed yarn creatures. No experience is needed. The club attendees will partake in making amigurumi and gifting them to children in hospitals. Ferguson Gold
Art Club (Limited to 50 students, 3-4 per Advisory) We are a mixed medium club. A place to come and explore Art. Some work on major projects as a group and some work individually. Jzar Gold
BDU Best Buddies (Approved only) The goal of Best Buddies is to introduce students in general education and special education classes to each other through a mutually enriching club experience where a diverse group of friends can meet new people, participate in group activities, and build a more inclusive school culture at school.

In Best Buddies, we create matches between students with and without disabilities. These ‘buddy pairs’ spend time together during club meetings and communicate – over phone/text, social media, lunch, or in school – at least once a week. For those club members not in a one-to-one match, there are leadership opportunities to spearhead committees that help Best Buddies achieve its mission of inclusion.

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok @bestbu.

K. Smith,   Stephens Purple
Become a Mathemagician! (Limited to 20 students, 1-2 Per Advisory) Who needs a calculator! Explore techniques and strategies to perform mental math calculations quickly and efficiently. We will also explore math and logic puzzles and games. Increase your mathematical knowledge and ability in a fun and engaging way. Limit 1-2 Per Advisory Rogers Purple
Board Game Club Learn and play popular board games in this casual club. Members will learn/play an array of games including Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, Chess, Checkers, Yahtzee, Dungeons and Dragons, Sorry, Coup, Battleship, Clue, Life, Apples to Apples, Pandemic, Connect Four, Uno, Various card games, Risk, and a host of other great games! East, Sibley Purple
Bob Ross (2 Per Advisory) Paint to two Bob Ross Joy of Painting episodes every other week. Take home whatever you complete or display it in the classroom. Christianson Purple
BOSS Young men’s group Coleman Gold
Building YOUR Character Club In video games, players customize their character’s looks, style, and powers. In the real world, we can customize ourselves as well. In this club, we will hone in on our individual special talents, strengthen our weaknesses, sharpen our skills, and find a way to show our best selves everywhere we go. We will do this through competition (games that require teamwork & Cooperation), discussion (topics that will challenge your thinking) & thoughtful reflection. Jackson Gold
Chess This is a club that will help you improve your skills by learning and playing chess. If you want to learn how to play or are a seasoned chess pro, this is a great club to be involved in. Games are played in real time, on a real chess board, with real chess pieces. There is an online option as well. Christianson Gold
Custodial Club (Approved Only) Helping out inside and outside of the building. Buford Gold/Purple
Dance At dance club we will have fun while practicing choreographed dances. Lane Gold
Environmental Club Every other week we will discuss topics relative to the environment of the planet earth. With enough interest, a field trip or two will likely occur to visit interesting locations related to environmental concerns. Leonard Gold
E-Sports Practice (Call out and Approval – Limit two per advisory Week #1) This club is for people currently on or trying out for one of our esports teams. You can come in and use the pcs or consoles to practice. Depending on who is there we may run games together as squads or you can always practice solo. Limit 2 per Advisory East Gold
Euchre Club (2 Per advisory) Come play euchre (card game). Winston, Dimmick Purple
Flag Football Flag football games O’Hara Gold
GEMS A safe place for girls to be empowered while using effective tools to communicate on a daily. Inspiration, uplifting and real world issues are an on going discussion. AND WE HAVE FUN WHILE DOING IT!!! Woods, Miller Purple
International Key Club (Call out and Approval limited to 50 Students) We are a service club that volunteers at most international and service and health events in the city. We raise funds for natural disasters and work with youth globally to solve youth problems.

Watch us on YouTube.

Jzar Purple
Model United Nations (Call out and Approval) Model United Nations is an organization for students who are interested in international relations, current events and debate. Members of this group take on the role of a real-world country, research contemporary issues relevant to the global community, and propose possible solutions at conferences. Each conference involves structured debate and informal negotiation between students from many different high schools, and teaches students the importance of cooperation, compromise and reconciling diverse points of view. Dimmick Gold
MSA Discussions on Islamic Culture Aajaoui Gold
(Limited to 20 students, 1-2 Per Advisory)
In origami club, we will learn how to fold paper into different things such as butterflies, stars, boxes, flowers and so much more! Lane Purple
(2 Per Advisory)
Are you interested in learning and playing the fastest growing sport in America. Join us outdoors (weather permitting) for this warm weather fun activity that is a cross between tennis and ping pong. No experience necessary. Anyone can learn and play. Chandler, Rogers Gold
Podcast Club
(20 Student cap, 1-2 students per Advisory)
Publish your own podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts using professional gear! All podcast shows must have four people in a group. In order to receive an invitation to host a show, you must submit a show proposal. Only five shows will be accepted this semester. Proposals should be e-mailed to Mr. Brumback. Brumback Purple
Role Playing Game (RPG) Club The RPG club is a social club for students who like playing role playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Star Wars and Champions. Play with your friends or make new friends! RPGs create a sense of community, cooperation, problem solving and, of course, adventure. Sibley Gold
Self-Esteem (Approved Only) Discuss and learn tools to help build confidence, achieve your goals, accept who you are and decrease insecurities. Kachur Purple
Soccer Club
(2 Per Advisory)
Practice soccer Mr. Munguia Gold
Stress and Anxiety Small Group
(Approved Only)
Stress and Anxiety Group- Discuss and learn tools to manage your stress, anxiety, worry and panic. Cordes Purple
Thrive Leadership
(Approval Only)
This is the group of students who lead and organize the larger Thrive Tribe group. “The Thrive Tribe is a club for students who like to have a positive impact on both staff and students at BDU. The club motto is: The Thrive Tribe: Encouragin everyone to thrive in life
We do multiple activities throughout the year as well as prepare “”Encouragement buckets”” to pass out during Advisory classes.”
 Mrs. Mungia Gold
Thrive Tribe The Thrive Tribe is a club for students who like to have a positive impact on both staff and students at BDU. The club motto is: The Thrive Tribe: Encouragin everyone to thrive in life
We do multiple activities throughout the year as well as prepare “Encouragement buckets” to pass out during Advisory classes.
 Mr. Mungia, Mrs. Mungia Purple
Volleyball Club
(Limit 4 Per Advisory)
Students will work on passing, setting, and hitting through skills drills and 6 on 6 games. Students who do not dress in proper attire, but sign up to attend the club will not be permitted to participate, so don’t forget your shoes and knee pads, if you wear them! Stone Ferguson Purple
Weight Room Girls
(Limit 2 Per Advisory)
Girls lift weights and use cardio machines. Cordes, Kachur Gold
Weight Room Boys
(Limit 2 Per Advisory)
Boys lift weights and use cardio machines. O’Hara Purple
Writing Lab Writing Lab is a place for you to get some help with your class essays and college applications. Get help brainstorming, planning, researching, organizing, writing, editing, etc. Writing Lab provides you a quiet place and focused time to write. Killion Gold/Purple
(Approval Only)
Help to tell the story of our year! Members will be responsible for taking and organizing photos, writing copy, and designing pages. Group members should also be in Mr. Brumback’s SRT. Brumback Gold