Student Parking

Driving to school is a privilege and earned by students who follow the student code of conduct rules and make academic progress. Students must follow the procedures listed below to earn the right to drive to Ben Davis University High School.

  • Each student will have to produce and have photocopied a valid Indiana driver’s license and proof of insurance.
  • Students must accurately fill out the registration card and pay a one time $20 fee. (Lost tags can be replaced for $5.) Completed parking applications (along with proof of insurance and copy of driver’s license) should be turned into the main office to receive a parking tag.
  • Students will be assigned to a specific parking area. ¬†Parking out of the assigned area can result in the loss of the parking privilege or towing of vehicle (at owner’s expense).
  • Under no circumstances are students allowed to park in designated teacher parking spaces. Students in violation of parking rules and regulations may receive consequences assigned by school administration/security, i.e., vehicle towing (at the owner’s expense), loss of driving privileges, etc.
  • Students will receive information on how to register for a parking permit on the first day of school.