BDU College Visits

We have college visits galore going on at BDU who welcomed Butler University, Franklin College, and St. Mary’s College this past week!  We also had an awesome visit to IU Bloomington last week and we’re gearing up for FOUR college fairs for our seniors this next week in conjunction with many activities through to support College Go Week!  One of our activities was to share our #WhyApply with the students and here’s one of our outstanding staff submissions!

#WhyApply??? Continue what you started! Did you know that by the time you graduate from BDU all scholars will have at least 62 college credits which is half of a four year undergraduate degree?  Those 62 credits also contain the majority of your “core” college classes allowing you to not only declare your undergraduate major when you go on to another post-secondary institution or apply to a specific program, but also begin taking courses within your major from day one when you step on their campus!

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