Two New BDU Social Studies Electives, New Member of the Social Studies Department, and Partnership with the Wayne Township Preschool

Ben Davis University High School is proud to offer two NEW social studies electives to our seniors this semester!

BDU Instructor Will Sibley is teaching an engaging class on International Relations where students are currently studying North Korea and the rift between North Korea and the United States centered around the nuclear program. The seniors pictured here were engaged in an interactive lesson using Nearpod with embedded videos and formative quizzes.

BDU Instructor Brianne Winston was equally excited to offer a dual-credit course for our seniors this year which on the college side is referred to as SOCL 164 Introduction to Multiculturalism and on the high school side earns our scholars a credit in Ethnic Studies. The seniors were engaged in a lesson on the systemic racism experienced in our country by Native Americans, which was an amazing topic to pull in to our recent appointment of Deb Haaland by President Biden as the first Native American Interior Secretary.

We also had a chance to see the engaging instruction of our newest member of the social studies department this week, John Dimmick. John’s lesson centering around the geographical impacts of World War II was a perfect lesson for our sophomores in US History as they better understood the utter devastation experienced in WW II through imagery.

Ben Davis University Staff and Scholars partnered together this past week with the Wayne Township Preschool to participate in the “Love Where You Are” Community Clean-up efforts! BDU had an awesome turnout of both staff and scholars resulting in over 45 bags of trash that was picked up from High School Road, the local churches, and Krannert Park.