Tammy Brooks Creates Mask Artwork for Student Services and Sophomore Eva Guzman’s Featured Art!

BDU has really enjoyed the presence of our bus drivers during the remote learning! Here one of our favorites Tammy Brooks went above and beyond to create mask artwork crafted from posters to cover our windows in student services where our relaxation station lives. She has been an amazing help as have all of the BDU and WTP custodians assigned to our building! The image of the finished product is included below.

BDU’s Bob Ross Painting Club has continued to create some amazing online portraits that pay tribute to this great artist. Sponsored by instructor Alex Duncan, the online club provides an opportunity for students to really express themselves and relax while creating a piece of art through a free online program. Our art featured here was created by Eva Guzman, a sophomore majoring in Health Careers that happens to be a straight A student as well!