BDU Highlights the Efforts of Two Instructors

BDU would like to highlight the efforts of two of our BDU Instructors this week – John Christianson who shared his use of Delta Math with his students to complete virtual checks for understanding throughout his instruction! Mr. Christianson is also going to start a virtual Chess Club soon and will offer that opportunity to both BDU Scholars and our University Academy freshman to build collaboration between these student groups.

Our 2nd instructor should look a little familiar, Jason Brumback has joined us as the new instructor for ENGL 101 and our new course offered 2nd semester ENGL 102 which will provide the opportunity to our students to earn a FULL associate degree with two university English courses rather than the current transfer associate degree. Mr. Brumback joins us after many years as a teacher at CHC in the high ability program and he has no easy task this semester as the students are taking their ENGL 101 & 102 courses online through Vincennes University while he works on his credentialing requirements. Here Mr. Brumback shares his hobby of guitar playing with his students and engages them in a role playing activity to engage them in an upcoming reading on Machiavelli.