BDU Early College Panel for CHC and LHC 8th grade students and Math Instructor John Christianson Enhances Virtual Instruction!

BDU Scholars joined our recruitment efforts this week for a BDU Early College Panel for CHC & LHC 8th grade students. This was an optional event for those who were interested and we were very excited to have over 250 students attend the virtual panel discussion! Our scholars were also AMAZING and did a great job sharing their story and passion for attending BDU as well as answering questions for future BDU Scholars. A big thank you to BDU Seniors Kenyon Bones, Maryam Olaletan, Jena Szalai, and Vanessa Torres!

BDU Math Instructor John Christianson built his own transparent white board to enhance his virtual instruction using loom to reverse the image for students to view. He is submitting a Donors Choose grant this week to up his materials to create a larger transparent white board to record his asynchronous lessons for his students.