BDU Act Six Scholarships

Two of our amazing scholars have earned the Act Six Scholarship this year to Taylor University! Congratulations to Xotchil Medina Diaz and Genesis Mendez Reynoso (pictured with the Act Six sponsor). This is actually the 2nd full ride offer given to Xotchil Medina who received the San Damiano Scholarship earlier this month which is a full-ride scholarship to Marion University (pictured with Marian University sponsor).

Act Six is an urban leadership scholarship that sends Indianapolis-area students each year to Taylor University and Oakland City University tuition-free with a potential full ride. The scholarship entails $33,000-$46,000/year to Taylor University and several weeks of training to ensure college readiness.  This scholarship is also unique in that undocumented students can take advantage of the opportunity as US Citizenship and social security number is not required.